At the beginning of 2010 apartments of a house situated in Ječná street became available after a cessation of a former hostel. Due to this event two future plans of using this empty space came on mind. First of them was re-making the old apartments to one of other brothels in the centre of Prague, and the second option was transforming these rooms into a lodging house for workers from foreign countries. But those are just “energies“ none of us felt about to put in.

At first, there was just a bunch of friends. (Vláďa & Dita, Milan, Marek and Petr) They all together came up with an idea of creating totally atypical and unique kind of accommodation for people worldwide. Vláďa and Milan saw a great challenge and started thinking how to create such place, brimming over by soulful energy, where people can just slow down in this fast world, maybe even stop, and have a great time and rest while drawing back their life energy.  That is also the time when the ARTHARMONY name came to its form due to its purpose. 

The hostel craved for a complete rebuild. It took 2 long, difficult years involving total space recreation inside the building. Everyone who worked, worked really hard. Every conception, even every single little detail was made by their own hands… maybe with some help of a higher force. :)

That also meant one thing. An OASIS OF CALM AND PEACE, at the very centre of Prague, with a purpose of relaxing your spirit, was being made step by step. Our love for nature can be seen in every single room and every corner of ARTHARMONY.

We would love to offer this to everyone. This possibility of cozy, atypical and harmonic environment, where you feel almost as good as you feel in nature. But it is also very important to us, to make you feel like home. ARTHARMONY can offer you a perfect, harmonic combination of these two. We are trying to help you find yourself  and get rid of all the stress you can suffer with nowadays. People say that the sleeping enjoyment you can get at our place was very unique. They also keep coming to say, ever since they were sleeping at our place, they can even dream dreams they have not had in many years. Maybe if you find your spiritual meaning, if we would help you getting a positive mind more often, or if we intensify your inner JOY, LOVE or LIGHT that would make us very happy.

Maybe that is why there is so many people with an open heart, so many artists and people of all ages coming to visit ARTHARMONY.

There were a lot of interesting life stories taking place in our hostel. Visit us here to experience your own.