Accommodatioon Rules - ARTHARMONY Pension & Hostel 

  1. The guest is obliged to comply with accommodation rules of ARTHARMONY Pension & Hostel.
  2. The guest is obliged to behave in accordance with the general rules of etiqueFe and conduct.
  3. For the accommodation must be, without exception, every guest properly declared at the reception.
  4. The guest is obliged to observe the silence of the night between 10:00 p.mto 6:00 am.
  5. The guest is obliged to adhere to a strict ban on smoking in all areas of ARTHARMONYIn case of violation of the prohibition the guest is obliged to cancel the stay without replacement with immediate effect.
  6. In case the guest loses the keys to the rooms, he/she is required to immediately pay a fine of 25 EUR/500, - CZK.
  7. Prohibition of destruction of equipment of the rooms and space of ARTHARMONYThe guest is responsible for the damage to property and equipment he/she caused during his/her stayDamages: the guest is obliged to immediately pay a pro rata basis, unless he/she proves that it was not his/her fault.
  8. Forbidding of the use of open fires in the whole area of ARTHARMONYCandles in the guest rooms may be used only after consultation with the ARTHARMONY worker.
  9. Guests are not allowed to use any of their own network of electric appliances with the exception of a hair-dryer, shaver, mobile phone charger or laptop.
  10. Moving of furnishings and equipment, or interfere with the power supply or other installation at the hostel room without the consent of the hostel worker are not allowed.
  11. The guest is obliged to leave the room, turn off the lights, check the closing of water valves, close the door with keys and cast them up at check-out at the front desk of an ARTHARMONY worker.
  12. Strictly forbidden to enter the building people not accommodated in ArtHarmony or only a^er prior agreement with the ARTHARMONY worker.
  13. Guests at the dormitory rooms are required to lock valuables in the locker, especially when leaving a room or sleep. Guests from all rooms can store valuables at the receptionARTHARMONY is not liable for things suspended in the car. For any loss or the^ of any maFer ARTHARMONY doesn’t take any responsibility.
  14. For jewelry, money and other valuables in the hostel correspond without restriction only if these things were taken into custody by the hostel.
  15. Guests may move in rooms and sleeping floors, as well as in all other areas of ARTHARMONY voluntarily and at their own riskFor any injury to guests the ARTHARMONY does not take any responsibility and shall not be entitled to apply for ARTHARMONY.
  16. Guests have free access to the Internet via WiFi networks and two computers for free useBut a strict ban on any illegal activity commiFed with the use of our connection to the Internet, our computers or in our premises.
  17. At the end of the agreed day stay guest is obliged to remove (check-out) at the reception, return all keys and borrowed release room by 10.00 am in the morning (weekdays) and until 11:00 am (Saturday and Sunday)Fails - if so, the hotel is entitled to charge him/her stay for another day.
  18. In case of a gross violation of house rules the ARTHARMONY reserves the right immediately to terminate the guest's stay prematurely and without compensation.